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Get Ready To Ride
We specialize in getting you in touch with your inner cowgirl (or cowboy). Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned equestrian, we have a variety of programs focusing on centered, relaxed riding. We offer non-riding experiences as well. Our Equine Healing Experience is a confidence-building encounter, which explores the healing effect a horse has on one's soul. We're located in Richmond Maine, on Black Fox Farm LLC. Just minutes North of Brunswick/Topsham and twenty-five minutes South of Augusta.

Find Your Inner Cowgirl Programs
  • Riding Lessons
  • -Private             $45/hour or $25/half hour
  • -Semi-Private    $35/hour per person
  • -Packages: 4-One hour lesson package for $135
As part of our lesson program, students are able to 
participate in various rides:
  • Beach Rides
  • Fall Foliage Rides
  • Apple Picking Rides
  • Equine Healing Experience
    A non-riding program. $45/hour
    This is a confidence building encounter which explores
    the healing effect of a horse has on one's soul.
  • Gift Certificates Available
Take the time to find your inner cowgirl.
Call us today and get ready to ride.

You deserve it.

Do Black Foxes Really Exist?
The story behind Black Fox Farm.

Black foxes, also known as silver foxes, are relatively common. They have silver tipped hairs along their rump, which stand out well against the remaining black fur. The black fox first appeared after Bob and Lynn mowed their overgrown hay field. The newly mowed field caused thousands of field mice and voles to be uncovered, creating the best all-you-can eat buffet for a fox. To this day, the black fox continues to make regular visits to the farm.

For more information call 207-798-3003